"Forgotten Places" is a very interesting website because Christian has a very different view of the places. He doesn't only shows pictures, it also  shows the history of the mysterious abandoned places. From information on the Internet to books and newspapers to his own experience, he makes the stories as tasty as possible. You can admire and get informed about pictures and stories from Germany and worldwide. So if you are a fan of Urbex then have a look!

"Abandoned Relics" is a very informative and exciting blog. It's about abandoned places and buildings wich were left behind by society. A very nice and huge selection of abandoned places in the U.S.A. The blog shows that Cory must be a history nerd. He has a background in urban planning and landscape architecture, so in his contributions he tries to examine the sense, that each place embodies, and to write about the architectural features and history of the place. Perfect for any Urbexer with passion!