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Zeit zu erforschen

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Magic Mushroom

Recently I tried a Photoshop manipulation. I find the possibilities that Photoshop now offers simply fascinating, you can create fabulous fantasy worlds, fairytale-like places or dark to even spooky places that could chase a shiver on the back. My choice much on a fairy tale scene where a shining mushroom in a sea of ​​moss tans. The biggest challenge was probably to get the mushrooms in the forest image without you too clearly perceives the edge. In the end, I am not completely satisfied with the result but practice makes perfect! It is definitely very interesting to try it!


The History

Recently, 3 other people and I, started a volunteer memorial project. I am fully behind this project because I also have family connection to it. Of course I could'nt refrain to take photos of this beautiful and historical location! Knowing that it's a wartime remnant, you enter this terrain with a completely different attitude than at normal lost places. There is a hint of respect and humility in the air, as if you could feel the people trapped there. All that remains of the barracks is the masonry and a few windows and doors. In the middle of the area, the church rises and shows once more time how small humans are in contrast to this world and its sometimes cruel history. On some walls we found paintings by children. In other areas, nature had already asserted itself again and grasses and shrubs grow within the dilapidated walls. Window with barbed wire and boards barricaded. You realize that this must have been a horrible place. Nevertheless, the story and its details fascinate us, causing goosebumps in a ghastly way.


Treasure trove

Scene: A small junkyard in the village. The appearance of the outside calls out: "Ordinary junkyard", but if you take the time to rummage around, you will soon discover which little treasures are hidden there. From old Mercedes models, which wake up with some childhood memories up to a strange looking baker's car with all sorts of kitschy stickers stuck. A vintage fan would probably be sad at such a sight, but for Urbexer with body and soul, such a place is a gnawing, everywhere rust and decay, detail photography is mainly announced. At the far end of the corner is an old Bulli, where the vegetation is already making its own way. Of the original Bulli is almost only the "skeleton" left, the rest is overgrown or disintegrates. Another treasure was a golden W123 coupe, an elegant limousine that fights against the tide of time and is already suffering from old injuries, the hood gives the impression as if the owner had an accident at that time.



A former shopfitting. When you enter the halls you immediately notice the great variety of colors there. Everywhere, on every wall are colorful graffiti. It's a little reminiscent of an art gallery, only that nothing is tidy and sterile here. You can tell immediately, some like to spend their time here. It took us a few hours to take a close look at the halls, and finally we were in the showrooms, where we found some of the exhibits. A very interesting place.


House of the rising farm

In the middle of the woods. Hard to find. A small chicken farm (but still in operation). Right next to it a small abandoned house. When you walk on it you can already see a large, zugespinnten armchair. Ready, as if every evening the owner would sit there and watch the happenings. In the middle of the first room was a large parasol. Distributed everywhere were the things left behind. The walls are eaten away by black mold. The wallpaper was already coming off the wall in the bedroom. Occasionally hung self-painted pictures of a rider and his horse. A very interesting place with history. Since it was a small house we did not take too long and made our way back.


Mold house

Called the "Gammeldorf". One abandoned house after another. Even the still inhabited houses look old and junky. In the middle of the village then this beautiful, old, gammelige structure. Immediately when entering the entrance area, I'm hardly amazed. Everywhere black mold on the walls. A beautiful pattern, a kind of beautiful decay. This pattern would definitely be needed as a wallpaper. Ornate relief work on the stair railings. Beautiful dark wood. Old decorated doors and window handles. Even the lamps were decorated. A stunning house. Unfortunately completely empty. Nevertheless, the history of this house really speaks to you as you move through the rooms. A spontaneously found artwork.


Can you hear the sirens coming?

Gammeldorf, flap the first. An abandoned dairy. You feel a certain cold as soon as you enter the building. Everywhere cold tiles and huge machines and containers. Plants were already growing through the windows, the floor and the masonry. Nature makes its way and gets back what you own. A fascinating process. The machines and containers are already eaten away by rust and form a creatively arranged mosaic. Measuring devices and sirens hang distributed on the walls. The stairs go up to the first floor where probably the staff rooms / offices were. A large room, perhaps the conference room or break room, with a huge, decorated stove. Only one room further was a motorbike, but without an engine. We continued to move from room to room until we found the most intriguing room in the building. A room full of plants. Fern, moss and ivy grew in this room and turned into a dreamlike sight. Then we moved on and looked around in Gammeldorf for other interesting places.


Fortress Grauerort

Fortress Grauerort. It was built in the years 1869-1879 by the Prussians for protection against enemy ships on the Elbe near the village Abbenfleth. The high Altmarsch was used near the fairway of the Elbe to quickly have effective protection of the Port of Hamburg during the time when tensions with France increased. Already in the German-French War 1870/71 the fortress was ready for use. However, she was never involved in combat. A historic and impressive building. Adjacent to the grounds of the fortress was an old, abandoned house, which of course we could not resist. The house was once probably one of the associated houses of the fortress. It is still used as a camp today, yet we found some interesting places, such as the trees' space. Felled trees rose up to the ceiling in this room. At the end of the visit we found a swing attached to the stretcher. Through this picture, I felt a small sense of respect for the stories of the buildings we explore. Each has its own story, each story is like the other, yet it is completely different.



Hidden in the forest. Once a retirement home and a psychiatry. You enter the building and immediately feel humble, as if the presence of the former inhabitants was still in the air. The building had 4 floors, but the most interesting was the stage, there was probably a piano in this room, but we found this destroyed in the courtyard. Almost majestically this big empty room, the stage at the end seems to whisper again and again "curtain up!". Typically passionate Urbexer we were curious if we could find a scary room with instruments, as one would expect from a psychiatry (probably too many horror movies watched). However, the only medical instrument we found was just a secreting vacuum cleaner, whose name disgusted us a bit. What we especially wanted was the scattered in filing cabinets or even distributed on the floor, provided with name and address files with confidential, personal content so that anyone could have read or even take with them. Mitlerweile the building but demolished and we hope that the patient files were previously destroyed or destroyed by the demolition.

A beautiful, mysterious place.


Black 'n' white

A brickyard. In a small place. The building has been abandoned for some time. Nevertheless, life takes place around the entire area. In the middle of a charming urbanization. The big chimney leads us to the building. We could not believe our eyes when we entered the brickyard. Huge halls, completely overgrown with bushes and shrubs. It is always fascinating to see how nature makes its way. In the first hall, in the control room, there were still some tools that were probably used to control the machines and large tanks. Most of the remaining halls were empty and completely left to nature. In the last hall, we found a flared car or at least the remnants of it. We also found a battered TV and shoes and bottles that had already been around for a few decades. It was still a house and a lake to the property, there we could not go there because the neighboring house directly adjacent.



Chinese restaurant in the village. It looked like it had been abandoned by night and fog. There was all sorts of stuff scattered around, even items that you would not have expected there, which was probably brought by other interested. Everything was ornately decorated, from the dishes to the ceiling. Even the windows. A very interesting culture. Beautifully decorated artwork and decorations. On the first floor, private documents and even school pamphlets were scattered across the floor in a room. Some time after we were there, the building was finally demolished.


Duel at 12

An old train station. You could not go in, because the roof was already quite decayed and there were hardly any rooms left. You can see from the front how the building slowly collapses. The old architectural style is reminiscent of a classic Western strip. In the sign, on which the stop stands were even some shot holes. A fascinating sight. You feel immediately as if you were in another time. Inconspicuous and yet something special.


Colorful gray, dark colorful

A completely abandoned settlement in the middle of a huge pile of several, closely spaced cities. The neighbors just need to look out the window and have something like an amusement park for Urbexer right across the street. Dotted with graffiti. On one day you do not manage to look at everything, I came there 3 days in a row until we had everything through. In the middle of the settlement was a huge square where already the grass and shrubs were over everything. Occasionally stood in this center two smaller huts, which probably served as storage rooms. They had already burned down and only the masonry stood. At the end of this square stood an imposing villa with a huge fir tree directly in front of it. A breathtaking sight opened in front of us when the fire-red sun went down in the background of this house.


Hotel Alpha Whiskey Kilo

The position was around 10 ha. On it stood all the necessary elements of the FlaRak battery. In the western part stood the ready building. 25m north of it was the rocket assembly building. In addition came the places for the vehicles of the battery command post. In a larger type III generator building, the generators found weather protection on trailers. Over time, extensions were made. Another hall was used to park the four Flak 20mm for close-range defense. In the early 1980s, it was decided that the custody of the object would be carried out by civilian employees. For the accommodation of these civilian employees, the guardhouse was built directly behind the gate, adjacent to a dog kennel. An exit area for the animals was also considered. This was set up in the center and separated by a fence.
Construction began in the mid-1980s, significantly improving self-defense. Thus, the defense should be secured in the event of a surprise attack. Large concrete walls shielded parts of the ready-made building, the stand of the battery command post, a vehicle parking space and the rocket storage areas. At the edges they placed several covered fighting stands for defense at close range. In addition to the ready-made building, a double shelter with a capacity of 26 persons was built. This double shelter replaces the previous tube bunkers.

Today the towers were removed and the bunkers buried under the ground. Immediately upon entering the site, you notice the many holes in the holes and lintels on the windows and doors. It looks like the base has been attacked. We were unfortunately unable to enter the buildings because they were completed. A few hours we spent on the site which hides in the middle of the forest. There was not much to find, it was tidied up by the new tenants who kept their sheep and cows on the site. The most interesting was the house of the sergeant and the large bunker in the center of the area. After we found some buried bunkers, we left less surprised by the buildings found than by the history of the time, the site of the Air Force Belt.


Final destination

In the far north is a breathtaking scenery for all photographers and lovers of extraordinary destinations. An abandoned station from the 60s. From the outside, the building is decorated with graffiti. When you enter the building, you first land in the maintenance hall, on the ground floor of the 5-storey building. Electrical appliances and boxes were distributed everywhere. We inspected the rooms on the left side of the hall. They were warehouses and workshops. On the first floor we found the staff offices and a kitchen. Curiously, there was also an elevator that we had not noticed before on the ground floor. We could not find access. We continued our exploration tour on the 2nd floor. There we also found office space. When passing through the premises, I often see isolated paw prints of cats on the window panes. We found quite a few used fire extinguishers and fire rates. The most interesting in my opinion there were the old, broken writings on signs and papers. An old map of Prussia even hung in the lounge. Based on the rumble of modern products rumlag everywhere, we assumed that there often homeless people slept. We walked through the entire building. Stick for stick. Each floor was a little more gammel than the one before. The last two floors we had to keep our sleeves in front of our noses, because everything was completely devoured by mold. The stench biting us and was a bit dizzy, so we decided to cancel our tour now and take a warm shower.


Crash train

In a small village in the forest is an old, left to nature tram. These used to run in Bremerhaven until about the beginning of the 70s. Until finally the trams were abolished there. Then a local club bought one of these trams and wanted to restore them. However, this did not happen and since then this piece of jewelery is in its place and fascinates with its beautiful sight. The first and the last wagon are unfortunately no longer to enter because the soil was already pretty bumpy and rotten. It was not that bad in the middle wagon, but you had to be careful there as well. From the outside a beautiful work of art consisting of rust and moss. Inside there is a picture of decay. If you fight your way to the end of the wagon you will find the conductor's cabin there. Shredded cables and cobwebs everywhere. Shards of broken windows. Right next door was the old maintenance house, which was closed. A little further we found then a small house. This was pretty run down and full of mold. We suspect there are homeless people. There was no getting through, because everywhere garbage and scrap was.


Butterfly park

Right at the beginning of Burg you will find the butterfly park. There is a large variety of butterflies, as well as a few turtles, birds and iguanas. The spacious room radiates a tropical aura and everywhere there are colorful moths and animals to admire. Everyone unique. Some even land on one, with luck directly on the nose. This makes the heart of nature fans beat faster. From the Royal Blue Morpho to the Postman, the Swallowtail, the typical Monarch Butterfly to the Altlass Spinner, which can reach a wing span of up to 30 centimeters. Fascinating and impressive at the same time.


Marine center

On the outskirts of Burg on Fehmarn you can marvel at the large marine center with all sorts of marine life. From small seahorses to the large, threatening shark, the marine center impresses with the diversity of the oceans. A big must is the tunnel, in which one feels as if one were standing directly in the water and could touch the rays. As majestic and elegant as they glide through the water, one wishes one could swim with them. Amazing to watch these animals. One of the rays dug into the soft sand right in front of my lens and grinned at me. Another candidate that floated perfectly in front of my lens was the small puffer fish. In this picture he looked like he was grinning and having fun. A really cute picture! The pink and purple glowing anemones literally scream for attention, gracefully and elegantly dancing in the water, almost as if they want to cast a spell over you. But the most impressive thing was the huge shark tank where Sharky lives with a big shipwreck and some other sharks. Threatening as they almost float in the water. You get a queasy feeling when such a colossus, which is as big as you are, with an empty-looking expression directly on one swims. A fascinating day for me comes to an end. And I have to say it was very interesting to have such graceful beings in front of the lens.